Ulverston Auction Mart
Ulverston Auction Mart
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special monthly sale of store, beef breeding and dairy cattle
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Market Report - Tuesday, 20th June 2017
Market Report, Tuesday 13th June 2017
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Welcome to Ulverston Auction Mart

Livestock Sales in the mart and on farm sales of all classes of commercial and pedigree stock.

Tuesdays Weekly
  • * Prime cattle and bulls start at 12:30pm
  • * Cull and feeding cows (OTM)
  • * OCDS Collections
  • * Prime sheep start at 10:00am
      followed by cull and feeding ewes & rams
Tuesdays Fortnightly
  • * Store cattle
  • * Beef breeding cattle
  • * Dairy cattle
  • * Above cattle sales start at 1:00pm
  • * Store and breeding sheep (seasonally)
Deadweight Collections Weekly
  • * Prime cattle and bulls
  • * Cull cows (OTM)
  • * Lambs
  • * Cast Ewes
Implements & Machinery
  • * On farm and collective sales of farm
      machinery, implements and equipment.